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1613 Leather Inkjet Printer

1613 Leather Inkjet Printer

  • Model
  • Colorful 1613L
  • Printing Size
  • 1.6*1.3m
  • printing Speed
  • 6~12㎡/h
  • Introduction
  • ①Equipped with Double Epson DX5 heads or 3 Ricoh G5 heads.②Printing area 1600*1300mm.③Great color fastness,stretch-resistant.④Printing speed 12-16㎡/hour.⑤Printing cost USD 0.5/㎡.
  • Product Details

Suitable for
The Xiangyu COLORFUL-1613 Leather Inkjet Printer is suitable for various types of material with large size.

Makes scratch-resistant and stretch-resistant printing quality on leather.
The patented printing solution can make nicer printing quality than other supplier.

Compatible with different brand of Printhead
Compatable with Ricoh and Epson Printhead. The printing size is customizable.

High Printing Resolution
Printing resolution can be up to 1440*1440 Dpi, it can make nice printing quality.

Embossment effect printing
It can make strong embossed 3D effect hand feeling, we can touch and see the super cool printing result.

Simple Operation
No need plate-making and other complicated human labour, the pattern can be output from computer directly.

Environmentally friendly
The imported reliable UV ink is used without irritating smell,volatility and hazardous material. No waste water or waste gas will be produced during production.

Easy learning
Just need one computer and one operator, the operator can master all operation and maintenance skill very soon, the door-to-door training and video training is available.

Application Materia

The COLORFUL-1613 leather Inkjet Printer can be usd for printing on other material such as PU, EVA, glass, acrylic, ceramic, PVC , wood, etc.

Pritning Sample

Leather Sample

Machine Parameter

PrintheadEpson DX5/ TX800 or Ricoh G5/G4
Printhead lifespan

Epson:1 year

Ricoh G4:1 year

Ricoh G5:3 year

Max Printing resolution1440*1440DPI
Max printing area1.6M*1.3M, the printing size can be customized.
Printing speed

18-24 square meter/hour(for light based color material)

8-12 square meter/hour(for dark based color material)
Printing costUSD 0.5/ square meter
Color fastnesswater-resistant and sunlight resistant, printing color can last 10 years.

Glass, acrylic, plastic, PVC, metal, leather, ceramic tiles, wood, etc.

InkThe ink of COLORFUL1613 UV flatbed printer is environmentally friendly with SGS certificates.
Electricity volumeAC 110~220V
Electric Power900W
Data InterfaceUSB、LAN (RJ45 network interface)
Operated systemXP、WIN7、MAC OS
Printing thickness12cm

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