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1625 T-shirt Digital Printer

1625 T-shirt Digital Printer

  • Model
  • Colorful 1625T
  • Printing Size
  • Max 160*250cm
  • printing Speed
  • 60~180 pcs(A4 size)/h
  • Introduction
  • Used for printing T-shirt,Hoodie,Canvas Bag,Jeans,Underwear,etc.Max printing size 160*250cm,printing speed 60~180 pcs(A4 size)/h,Starfire 1024/epson DX5 printhead.
  • Product Details

Suitable for
Garment customized printing or sample-printing, such as T-shirt,hoodie, shirt,cowboy shirt,jean,pillow,etc.

Printing speed
Print 24 pcs per time,1000~2000 pcs per day(8 - 10hours)

Printing material
Cotton, cotton&poly-mix, jute, artificial cotton, bamboo fibre, silk, woven fabric and knitted fabric.

Printing size
Maximum printing size 1600*2500mm, the printing size is sufficient for most textile size printing.

Production quantity

It prints 60~120 pcs of dark based color T-shirt per hour(A4 printing area, single-direction printing). Prints 100~180 pcs of light based color T-shirt per hour(A4 printing area, bi-direction printing).

Printing cost
The printing cost for light based color T-shit is USD0.08/pcs, for dark based color T-shirt is USD0.3/pcs.

Print colorful/white ink in one time
Print colorful/white ink at the same time,the double printheads make the printing speed double.

Low printhead-clogging rate
The automatic ink circulation system+ink filter system, ensures ink fluency and low printhead-clogging rate.

CE Certificates
The Colorful 1625 T-shirt Digital Printer passes CE dertificates, it can be exported to all over the world.

High color fastness and no hand-feeling
With wet-scratch grade 3-4, the printed fabric does not fade when we wash.White printed fabric does not have hand-feeling, dark printed fabric has little bit hand-feeling but very good permeability.

No need plate-making

Without plate-making, the Colorful 1625A T-shirt Digital Printer can print out any pattern directly.

Low electricity power
The low electricity voltage and power, it is more energy-saving compared with many types of machine.

The reliable UV ink is used without irritating smell,volatility and hazardous material. No waste water or gas will be produced during production.

Printing Sample

t-shirt sample

Printer Parameter

PrintheadEpson DX5/Epson DX10/Starfire 1024
Printhead lifespan

Epson Printhead:1~2 years

Starfire 1024:3 years

Printing resolution720*720DPI
Max Printing size1600mm*2500mm(W*L)
Printing Speed

3 Starfire 1024 Printheads:35~50 square meter/hour (light based color shirt)

5 Starfire 1024 Printheads:70~100 square meter/hour (light based color shirt)

2 Epson DX5 Printheads: 12~24 square meter/hour(dark based color shirt)

4 Epson DX5 Printheads: 24~48 square meter/hour(dark based color shirt)

2 Epson DX10 Printheads: 8~14 square meter/hour(dark based color shirt)

Printing costUSD0.05/pcs for light based color shirt, USD0.5/pcs for dark based color shirt.
Color fastness Grade 4 in washing test

Cotton, jute, silk, modal, poly-cotton mix, animal fur, leather, etc.


Environmentally friendly imported ink specially for textile T-shirt printing

VoltageAC 110~220V
InterfaceUSB、LAN (RJ45 network interface)
Operated systemXP、WIN7、MAC OS
Printing height12cm
Machine dimensionW2300 * L3100 * H1170mm

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