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The difference between Xiangyu Digital Printing Machine and traditional screen printing machine

Pub date:2018-04-03 18:31

Traditional screen printing process: Design - review - film-making - plate burning - sampling - Inspection - plate burning - printing - finished products

Digital printing process: Design, review, print, and finished products.
First, convenient and quick: Universal Digital printing machine has absolute advantage in printing and urgent works because it omitted the tedious processes like filin, imposition and plate-making. All the electronic documents generated by typesetting, design software and office application software can be directly output to universal flatbed digital printer.

Two, flexible and efficient: digital printing machine is fully digitized, provide us more flexible printing methods, that is, we can print and modify anytime, today we print 50 pieces, tomorrow we make 100, the quantity is up to us, to enables us make zero stock. This flexible and fast printing mode, enhance the advantage of customers in the competitive environment of counting every minute and second.

Three, no printing MOQ: we can print high quality without MOQ(minimum order quantity). The universal flat-panel printing machine can achieve the requirement of printing and finishing at once.

Xiangyu digital printing machine is a new way to print computer files directly on materials, which is different from traditional printing tedious process. Its characteristics are as follows: no printing MOQ, no need plate-making, immediate completion, instant error correction, variable printing and on-demand printing. The universal flatbed printer is a comprehensive technology developed on the basis of printing technology. It is transmitted to the universal plate printer through the network by the electronic text as the carrier, and it can be printed directly. In printing production process, no page and information change is the biggest feature, covering printing, electronics, computer, network, communication and other technical fields.
1., Xiangyu digital printing machine is all digital information transmission, eliminating the film and plate in the mechanism version.
2., the printing pattern of Xiangyu digital printing machine is 100% variable.
3., Xiangyu digital printing machine is a process of directly transforming digital information into printed matter by digital printing machine system. The digital manuscript can be processed by digital prepress system, and also can be derived from network and digital media.
4., the value of Xiangyu digital printing machine comes from the service provided to the customers, rather than the intrinsic cost of the manufacturer. At present, inkjet printing universal flat printer is the mainstream in the market.

Because there is no need for the traditional offset printing process, the Xiangyu digital printing machine only needs to be sent from the computer to the printer to produce the finished product. Therefore, the traditional printing can not be achieved in the urgent printing, the variable printing and the printing on demand. Therefore, the universal flat-panel printer industry really caters to the fast changing printing demand of commercial printing, and its development speed is quite fast, and the development space is very large.

One, business demand of information era: information era, in all kinds of business activities, whether business documents or business propaganda, the information content is required to be accurate and novel, and the publicity products printed by traditional printing are mostly due to the limitation of "start up", not one thousand or three thousand copies, but the single cost is cheap, but more enterprises have not been used yet. Half or even dozens of prints are changed because of the changes in printed content and information, and no need to waste it. So that more companies only deal with the new stack of printed matter as a waste product, which is actually "printed up cheap and expensive".

Two, at the last moment instant finished products: Universal flat printer, because there is no need for the complex process of traditional offset, only with computer files, or online transmission, tomorrow meeting, bidding or business negotiation, it is not too late to finalize this evening.

Three, the printing content is changeable: Xiang Yu digital printing machine can print out the different personalized content, such as the different wedding photos, the material samples with the company logo, the printing of variable bar code and so on, which are all the traditional color printing can not be realized at all.