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How can we buy a digital printing machine with guaranteed quality?

Pub date:2018-04-04 10:12
1. Compare the shape of the digital printing machine. Or you can print the test line crosses and repeat it after one hundred repetitions. If it doesn't coincide, it indicates that the stability of the digital printing machine is not good enough, so it's prudent to buy it.
2 it is best to take samples to the factory for practical testing, see the printing effect of samples. Because trade company intermediary has no entity production plant and equipment problems. What can help you solve the above problems?

Digital printing equipment is not universal, because it is on the basis of printing paper to improve the ink and sprinkler, and can be used to print more than 1CM paper, and the traditional technology can not solve some problems.
If the customer is not able to solve the problem of processing equipment in the later process, we help the customers to solve the pattern directly to the surface of the material to solidify, and still can not be applied to production.

This is a problem that all customers are concerned about, that is, the price problem.

There are three major categories of Companies in the market:
1, independent research and development of machinery and equipment production manufacturers. R & D, production, sales and after-sales service.
2. Trade company. Sales of a variety of equipment, no after-sales service.
3. Personal sales. Only selling a kind of equipment, there is no after-sales service.

The price is not exactly equal to the value of the product.
The price of a single device selling company is very cheap, at least 30% less than that, but there will be additional charges on such companies. The cost of on-site service is about 300-500 per time, and the cost of heterodyne travel costs at least 1200-1500 yuan per time. Such companies, outsourcing after-sales services to cooperative companies or other individuals, are extremely insecure after-sales service.

Please think carefully when you buy the machine.