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The Factors affecting the technical level of digital printing equipment

Pub date:2018-04-04 17:48

Textile digital printing equipment has been very popular in printing industry. It is famous with its characteristics of personalized printing and rapid delivery of orders. It has been expanding in the field of garment clothing, home textile, personalized gift customization and so on. More and more users favor this type of printing mode, the market demand of textile printing machines is continually expanding.

With the development of the technical ability of textile printing machine equipment, the application field are also expanding, the demand for digital textile printing machine is increasing in the market. All kinds of printing equipment brands have been springing up in the market, but not all the printing equipment entering the market are at the same level of technology. What factors determine the technical level of printing equipment?

First is the strength of scientific research. The strength of R & D team determines the technological content of equipment, and determines the stability and performance of equipment. The research team of Dongguan Xiangyu digital is devoted to the research of professional printing equipment. The company invests enormous resources in the research and development of new products every year, and hold the technical exchange regularly, to hold the pulse of the top printing technology in the world, combine the top printing technology with the independent research project. We will promote more cost-effective equipment to the market.

Moreover, it is the concentration. Specializing makes perfect. Dongguan Xiangyu digital focus on the development and manufacturing of textile printing machine equipment, to ensure that every set of our digital printing machine meet the demands of our clients.