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The tips of saving ink for UV printers

Pub date:2018-04-07 15:12

The digital printing ink is very expensive, which affects the printing cost. The consumption reduction of ink is the most important issue for every user. The following is method of ink saving based on the Xiang Yu digital printer.

When we print text or chart, the requirement for print quality is not high, it would be sufficient for our requirement if we set the "print quality" selection in the print mode as "fast",  it not only saves more ink, but also can print faster.

Reducing the opening times of the inkjet UV printer can also reduce the consumption of ink, because every time the inkjet printer is started, the printer will automatically clean the printhead and initialize the printer, and refill the ink pipe system, that makes a large amount of ink wasted. Most of inkjet digital printers have buttons for printing heads cleaning, it includes quick cleaning, regular cleaning and thorough cleaning. In general, quick cleaning is enough, because the stronger we wash, the more ink we waste.