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How to choose the supplier of digital printing machine

Pub date:2018-04-08 18:51

The rapid development of digital printing industry is inseparable from the upgrading of digital printing equipment. Digital printing equipment is like the "leg and hand" of digital printing enterprises. Without the continuous updating of equipment, the introduction of new varieties and new technologies, the solution of consumables and software problems, digital printing machine enterprises can not develop forward. With the prosperity of the digital printing industry, many domestic digital printing equipment enterprises are concerned by the industry.

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Xiang Yu digital technology is now one of the biggest brands of digital printing equipment in China. With hundreds of sales quantity per month, it has been at top rank in domestic market. The change of ecological chain and the pressure of environmental protection policy, many traditional printing and dyeing factories have great pressure. But now they can see the hope, and begin to equip with digital printing equipment, and closely communicate with digital printing equipment manufacturers.

With the wider application of textile industry, the speed of digital printing machine is increasing year by year, from the early 20 square meters per hour to 200 square meters per hour now. Xiangyu digital printing equipment always adhered to the idea of innovation, excellence and humanization, constantly improving products and enhancing user experience.

In 2016, many enterprises come across decline in performance, meanwhile the installation quantity of Xiang Yu digital in Zhejiang, Guangzhou fabric market was more than 1000 units, in some of the region's large customers, Xiang Yu digital printing machine has been introduced. In India, Turkey textile market, the sales quantity of Xiangyu Digital has increased one time. In textile industry, the digital printing equipment of Xiangyu brand has been approved by the vast number of users. Moreover, the spread of praise among customers makes a enormous of increase in our sales quantity.

We believe, after many years of research and practice in the field of digital printing, we have an irreplaceable understanding and insight into the digital printing industry. We are committed to providing the most stable and efficient digital printing equipment for the users in this industry, thus ultimately achieving the most professional digital printing solution based on the core of digital technology.