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Comparison of printhead EPSON DX7 and DX5

Pub date:2018-04-11 18:51

EPSON DX7 (F189010) printhead was developed in 2009, in the design concept of industrial

production, it is equipped with new piezoelectric crystals, it has longer lifespan and more

adaptive to the temperature. The color saturation of DX7 is better than the DX5. It features

with long time work. The production efficiency is greatly improved and the production cost

is reduced. The Epson DX7 printhead is a real production tool.

The nozzle quantity of EPSON DX5 is the same with DX7, with 1440 pcs.
Epson DX5 nozzle aperture: 3.5PL, DX7 nozzle aperture: 4PL
Printer speed: Epson DX7 is little bit higher.
Color saturation: Epson DX7 is higher.
Lifespan: DX7 is longer.

For other factors, Epson DX5 is the same as DX7.

At present, the market price of the DX5 UV printer is slightly higher than that of the DX7.

In the future, the Epson DX5 printhead will be the best choice for most users.