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Attention to the Disassembly&Assembly of printhead of digital printing machine

Pub date:2018-04-12 18:27

The printhead of digital printer is the most important part of themachine, and it is also the most easily damaged part. When printhead problem occurs, it needs cleaning and maintenance. This will involve the disassembly and assembly of the print head, but it can't be reckless when the print head is disassembled and assembly, otherwise the printhead will be damaged. Following the Xiangyu digital technology will tell you about some problems you need to pay attention to when assembling and removing printhead.

First, owing to the surface of the print head of the UV flatbed printer is aluminum sheet, the interior contains small ink tube and crystal oscillator, it is very fragile, can not bump, if it was hit, it will be deformed, concave and even broken, then it needs to be changed.

Second, when we install UV flat printer printhead, we must turn off the power supply, then install the print head. After the installation is completed, gently move the print head carriage, to check whether the carriage is running smoothly, and then start the machine. It must be noted that the carriage must be tested before restart the machine, because if the printhead is not installed well, the printhead will be broken when the carriage is moving, and the human hand has the feeling that it can be easily controlled, so it needs to be tested by hand first.

Third, when we plug and unplug data cable of digital printer, we should avoid the plug touching with ink, and ensure that the plug is in good contact with the socket, otherwise the short circuit will occur and the printhead may be burned down.

Fourth, after ensure that the digital printer and circuit are normal, we need to check the ink cartridge, to see if the ink is enough in the cartridge, then check whether the ink pump and the small scraper are dirty.

Sixth, after installed flat printer print head will certainly have air, it can not be immediately printed, we need to discharge all the air inside, in order to get of of the air. There are three ways to eliminate the air in the nozzle.
1, print some test pictures and let the printhead itself to remove the air out.
2, use intermittent cleaning method(cleaning two times first, after half an hour cleaning two times. Note: it can't be cleaned for many times. It will cause accumulation of ink in the cleaning pump, which will cause color mixing, ink leakage and waste ink) to let the air out .

3, artificial pumping, use a injector with a tube to pump the waste ink tube, draw out the ink 3-5ML, then restart the machine, use the printer automatic cleaning function to clean.

There are many points to be noted for maintaining the printer head of digital printer. So if the printing head fails, do not operate blindly.

It will be easy to cause damage. If there is a problem in the print head, we must be careful when we repair it or install it. If you are not familiar with the UV printer, we suggest you find a professional person to solve it or seek the help of the manufacturer so as not to cause unnecessary loss.