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The difference between Xiang Yu UV ink and other ink

Pub date:2018-04-20 10:09
1, pigment ink: the advantage is good light resistance; the disadvantage is that the color is relatively dark.

2, water sublimation ink: the advantage is that it can be transferred to different media, not only on paper. Such as ceramics and glass. Many different media can be transferred to the past; the disadvantage is that the operation procedure is more troublesome and the price is higher.

3, soluble ink: because oil soluble ink is made of pigment, its advantages are tasteless and light resistant; the disadvantage is that it is expensive and must be printed on the coated medium.

4, solvent ink: because it is pigmented, so its advantages are good light resistance and water repellency, and can be printed on any medium. The disadvantage is that the oil base used in this kind of ink is flammable, dangerous and strong. It has certain damage to the human body.

5, UV curable ink: the advantage is that the ink itself does not contain volatile solvents, and after curing, light resistance, waterproof are very good, so it is suitable for printing industry; the disadvantage is that before the curing, some of its monomers are easily caused by some people's allergic reaction.

UV ink is more and more widely used. The fast drying, stability and environmental protection of the UV inkjet printer are in a clear view in these hard media (easy acrylic, glass, tile and so on).